Azizi Mirage 1 Apartments

Offering 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments

Azizi Mirage 1 Apartments

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Azizi Mirage 1 Apartments

Size Available from 849.06 Sqft to 1,974.80 Sqft

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Azizi Mirage 1 Apartments - Dubai Studio City

Azizi Mirage 1 is a latest residential venture by Azizi Developments situated in Dubai Studio City. The homes are offered in 113 one-bedroom, 69 two-bedroom and 4 three-bedroom units. The building’s apparent modern and innovative design is like a absorption of two towers into one extraordinary L-shaped structure within a cutting-edge framed design.

The venture comes with a total built-up area of 300,000 square feet, It features a generous basement, a ground level podium and eight floors for its 186 residences.

It takes modern contemporary architecture to new heights with its futuristic design. The straightforward, elegant and useful come within reach of to its construction will make you energized to call this your home.

When you are living in one of Dubai’s prime locations, being close to the action will feel like second nature. As all eyes turn towards Dubai for the Expo 2020, you will find yourself not only nearby the Dubai Expo 2020 location but also in close proximity to other key hubs in the surrounding area.

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