Azizi Mirage 1 Apartments - Floor Plans

The total built-up area of Azizi Mirage 1 is over 300,000 sqft, sporting a basement, ground level podium and eight floors of apartments - 186 in totals. They are offering 113 one-bedroom, 69 two-bedroom and 4 three-bedroom apartments to choose from.

The apartments are built for spaciousness and comfort, with even one-bedroom apartments offering plenty of room - at just under 850 Sqft, it is larger than normal. Three-bedroom apartments offer over 2,000 Sqft of space.

Apartment Size(s):

  • 1 Bedroom 849.06 sqft
  • 2 Bedroom 1,288.01 sqft
  • 3 Bedroom 1,974.80 sqft

Azizi Mirage 1 Apartments - Floor Plans

Ground Floor
First Floor
2nd-4th Floor
5th Floor
6th-8th Floor
One Bedroom Type-1 A 1st-8th Floor
One Bedroom Type-1 Ground Floor
One Bedroom Type-2 A 1st-4th Floor
One Bed Type-2 Ground Floor
One Bed Type-3 1st-8th Floor
One Bedroom Type-4 1st-8th Floor
One Bed Type-5 1st-4th Floor
One Bedroom Type-6 5th-Floor
One Bedroom Type-6 A 6th-8th Floor
One Bedroom Type-7 5th-8th Floor
One Bedroom Type-8 5th-Floor
One Bedroom Type-8 A 6th-8th Floor
Two Bedroom Type-1 Ground Floor
Two Bedroom Type-1 A 1st-8th Floor
Two Bedroom Type-2 A 1st-8th Floor
Two Bedroom Type-2 Ground Floor
Two Bedroom Type-3 1st-8th Floor
Two Bedroom Type-4 1st-8th Floor
Two Bedroom Type-5 1st-8th Floor
Two Bedroom Type-6 1st-8th Floor
Two Bedroom Type-7 1st-4th Floor
Two Bedroom Type-8 1st-4th Floor
Two Bedroom Type-9 1st-4th Floor
Three Bedroom Type-1 5th-Floor
Three Bedroom Type-1 A 6th-8th Floor